The Hitchens Art Movement

The Hitichens Art Movement is part two of the Manhattan Project for Peace and is an extension of my work The Art of Peace. I am developing the Hitichens Art Movement in the vain of the De Stijl art movement and its work initiated by Piet Mondrian. By using science and technology we will isolate and extract the visceral component of awe inspiring poetry, art and music. The deep patterns or signatures that we are not even conscious of. Once isolated we will be able to use the patterns to create a new palette and foundation for our new art form. We will begin by providing an open source project for colleges, universities and the maker communities across the world. Then to encourage and promote collaborations and interdisciplinary activities that will further the state of the art of the Hitchens Art Movement and our understanding of human emotions and the cognitive and neuroscience of the Limbic system.


This is a poster I made for a show I was in recently.

“You can see an example of goosebumps acting in a similar way in nature by looking no further than a pet cat. Whenever a cat gets scared or angry, you’ll notice its hair stands up on end and at the same time it arches its back.

This happens for two reasons. For starters, being scared actually causes the same chemical release in the body as does being cold. Specifically this is the release of adrenaline – and when you’re cold or scared your body produces more of this in order to put you in the fight or flight response. As it happens, your skin doesn’t actually know the difference and will contract, causing your hairs to stand up on end (it’s called goosebumps because it looks like the skin of a plucked goose).

The other reason though is that goosebumps actually do have useful survival value in those scenarios if you have long fur. Specifically they make you look bigger which in turn makes you appear more threatening and thus hopefully scares off your attacker. It doesn’t really work so well for us unfortunately, because our hairs are so small as to just look pathetic when they stand on end.” (from WHAT ARE GOOSEBUMPS FOR?)

Signal Processing

This is also a poster I made for a show I was in recently.

We can compare the mage of a smile and a frown, using signal processing, and clearly see the differences. Extracting these differences we can begin constructing or distilling the essence of the images. We will use these signatures as pure pigments for a new media. Like new colors that have never been separated in there pure form. These new tools are on a par with the way a prism separates white light into its individual frequencies (colors) we are simply using computers to extract that spectrum of 2 dimensional images.



Much more coming soon.

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