This is a photo I took of the “Maiden of Peace” a Peace Statue in Nagasaki Peace Park. Nagasaki, Japan

Here is a sampling of some of the art I have made.

  • Posters – This is a link to some examples of posters I have made.
  • Videos – This link leads to some art related videos I have made.
  • Installations – This link is to some art installations I have made.
  • Digital Prints – This link goes to some of my digital prints.
  • Works on Canvas – Here are some works on canvas I have made for various shows.
  • Film Festivals  – This page is a collection of some film festivals I have made work for.
  • Peace Photos – This link leads to some random photos I have taken at some peace related events.

In memory of my friend David R. Quammen of MOCA DC fame. Open to all artists all of the time.

While I’m at it this is a shot me and Clark Fox “The Godfather of Underground Art” and founder of MOCA DC at the closing party.


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