“With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.”― Malala Yousafzai


Welcome my name is Roy Utley. I am an artist and Peace Strategist and I am living the dream. What started for me as a intellectual exercise in conflict resolution and world peace has now become a passion for peace, which I will never abandon.

Artist statement: “We are a nation at war.  A war that is blinding the most intelligent among us.  Many of us are settling for petty comfort and false security instead of true intelligence and justice. Ultimately until people unite in the realization that our differences are our strength we will never know peace. Until collectively people have the courage to objectively question and confront their own value system enough to resolve their cognitive dissonance civilization will continue to fail and the savage in us will grow. 

It is my goal to create a “Manhattan Project for Peace” based on a fusion of sound political ideology, psychology, philosophy, ethics, morality, cognitive science and systems theory.  A comprehensive program for national solidarity that is necessary to secure lasting justice, and if even moderately successful could be a portal to a renaissance.”

Life is good. Peace & Love everyone.


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