meWelcome, my name is Roy Utley I am an artist, futurist and Peace Strategist. About a year ago I was diagnosed with stage IV (metastasized) prostrate cancer and now I am living my dream the best way I know how.

As a child of the “space age” sixties my my old school geekdom was born from my passion for rockets and space flight. I still have the original 1964 Tesla Coils issue of Popular Electronics that was when I knew I was in love and all shook up with this science stuff and it inflamed my passion even higher.

Lately, I am focusing my energy on my avant-garde. trailblazing, rule-breaking, forward-looking spirit and collecting comrades in an effort to kick-start a cultural revolution and renaissance. For more information about that branch of my life check out my site

Me and my beautiful family during chemo 2016

Life is good. Peace & Love everyone.


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